Pierre Berini:

  • Electromagnetics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Microwave circuits

Emad Gad:

  • Development of simulation algorithms for RF integrated circuits.
  • Model-order reduction for distortion analysis in RF circuits.
  • Simulation of high-speed interconnects.
  • Sensitivity computation for linear and nonlinear circuits.
  • Real-Time modelling and simulation of power systems.

Sergey Loyka:

  • Wireless & mobile communications (physical layer)
  • Multi-antenna (MIMO) systems (capacity analysis, propagation channel, performance)
  • Smart antennas
  • Propagation channel modeling

Derek McNamara:

  • Use of adaptive methods in planar near-field techniques for the performance characterization of antennas.
  • Application of characteristic mode analysis for the fundamental understanding of antenna operation, and in antenna design.
  • Development of new configurations for the physical realization of MIMO antennas for use on handheld devices.
  • Theoretical & experimental work on the use of holographic principles for antenna innovation & synthesis.
  • Fundamental studies on electrically small antennas

Mustapha C.E Yagoub:

  • Use of neural networks in microwave applications.
  • CAD tools for linear/nonlinear microwave device/circuit modeling and design.
  • Design and characterization of anisotropic structures
  • UWB system design.
  • Electromagnetic modeling of microwave passive devices for MCMs.
  • Neuro-fuzzy modeling and optimization of RF/microwave systems
  • RFID system design