In this information age, the needs in the microelectronics industry for manufacturability-driven design and time-to-market demand powerful and efficient Computer-Aided Design (CAD) techniques. Furthermore, the recent advances in radiofrequency (RF) and Microwave Integrated Circuits (MICs) require a permanent upgrading of existing CAD tools. In fact, with ever-higher integration and miniaturization, the needs for concurrent and multi-disciplinary design become increasingly important, requiring that the available CAD tools be not only fast but also accurate so that the design can be achieved reliably. Fast, because of the repetitive computations involved in simulation and optimization of modern MICs. Accurate, because to be close to experimental data, simulated circuit responses need to be obtained from component models that fully integrate higher-order nonlinear, thermal, and electromagnetic (EM) effects.

The central focus of the ELEctromagnetics & Microwave ENgineering Team is the development of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models and software tools for high frequency linear/non-linear system design, and the validation of these tools by checking their predictions against measurements.
Led by Dr. Mustapha C.E. Yagoub, our team has a good experience in advanced device modeling, radiofrequency and microwave simulation algorithms, neural-based modelling, and circuit analysis, simulation and optimization. Development of computational electromagnetic techniques for numerical modeling of guiding as well as radiating structures is also being carried out.