SEG4910 - Software Engineering Capstone Project

Finding a Customer and a Project

Students of SEG4910/4911 are responsible for finding a customer for whom they will build a software system for their project. Here are some possible resources for finding a project.


Coop and summer employers are often a good source of projects. Talk to them BEFORE your work term is over, if possible.

Current Customers Seeking Student Projects

If you contact these, identify yourself as a student at Ottawa University. State that it was I (Miguel Garzon) who directed you to them. Make sure they understand that you are approaching them because you want to do a project as part of the required coursework for your degree. Especially, make sure that they understand the time frames you are working in and how much time you will be able to spend on the project.

Available Projects:

  • Incuvers - Cellular growth monitoring

    Incuvers is developing a smart IoT (internet of things) cell incubator. To bring this product to life they will be developing a web application, a cross platform mobile application, as well as a visual interface to interact with the device on a small LCD screen. The entire system has multiple separate sub projects, and Incuvers is looking for students who would be interested in working on one of those sub projects.

    Contact: Sebastien Hadjiantoniou


    See project descriptions here

    Contact: Ahmed Al Abdulmohsen

  • KnoRe:Me - ML/AI model

    Project combining AI and ML tools available on the Microsoft Azure platform. Essentially, I am looking to build an image processing tool/API that will receive a Base64 image (a business card) and either a country code or language code to help refine the OCR effort to the most appropriate languages/characters (so a "CA" value would restrict recognition to English and French letters and not Russian or Chinese characters). It would then take the results from the OCR Computer Vision tool and use AI/ML logic to properly categorize all the resulting text into the API response.

    Contact: Omar Choudhry

  • Swipelist

    See product demo here

    We’re interested in hosting a Capstone team to develop a Minimal Viable Product that would be able to process beta testers. Swipelist is a fin-tech job matching marketplace that connects clients who need jobs done with contractors, and professionals who need a steady reliable stream of leads. Swipelist’s mission is to empower the client and create a steady stream of work for the supplier; by definition our focus is to enrich, motivate and mobilize the respective economies by creating jobs.

    Contact: Alia Alaoui - CEO

  • Al Huda charity

    The purpose of this application is to advertise for the Organization Events, along with providing some services and announcments to the community members.

    Contact: Wassim El-Ahmar
  • Other Projects