Information on how to get to Luigi Logrippo's office at SITE, in the SITE Building, University of Ottawa

 --------------------------------- Rideau
    |   |   |              K |
    |   |   |              i |                    north
 ----------------------------|---- Laurier          ^
    |   |  T|              n |                      |
    |  N|  r|              g |                      |
  C |  i|  a|     T.More-----|---- Osgoode
  a |  c|  n|     parking  E |
  n |  h|  s|              d |
  a |  o|  i|             wrd|
  l |  l|  t|# -M.Curie ---------- Somerset
    |  a|  w|                |
    |  s|  y|                |
                             ----- Mann Avenue parking
                          from Hwy 417

My office at the School of Information Technology and Engineering, University of Ottawa, is located on the 4th floor of the SITE bulding at 800 King Edward. This is one of the southernmost buildings of campus. It is very visible as one approaches downtown from highway 417 and Nicholas street.

My room number is 4-009B. On the 4th floor, look for the central island, the room is in front of a drinking fountain. You will find a closed door. Knock on the door and someone may answer you. Or call 613-562-5800 x 6704, which is my office extension.

Here is a map of campus, including a map of downtown Ottawa.

To get here on foot from downtown (about 15 minutes). Take the pathway on the East side of the Canal, along Colonel By Drive. You will see a bridge on the canal on your right and very close on your left a traffic light which leads to a tunnel, which will enable you to pass under Nicholas Street. After the tunnel, take right and walk past several university buildings, a big construction area, then the Colonel By building, eventually you will get to the SITE building. There is a lot of construction in this area, the situation will be better by about 2018

By city bus (find maps and schedules here).  To use the travel planner provided in this site, note that your destination is CAMPUS STATION. Unfortunately transit in this area is in upheaval.

To get here from Hwy 417 (Queensway):

  • If you come from the East: take the Nicholas Street exit (you will see the tall chimney of the university and SITE's new building on the right as you approach the exit), then go  immediately right into the Mann Avenue exit.  This will take you  straight into King Edward.
  • If you come from the West: take the Nicholas Street exit, then go immediately right into the Lees Avenue exit.  Take left on Lees Avenue, you'll go over a bridge. You will eventually get into King Edward and Mann.

From King Edward, go on Marie Curie (traffic light), then enter the parking lot on the left and find parking meters there.  Other possibilities for parking are:

  • Pay parking near the intersection of Mann and King Edward
  • Underground pay parking at 100 Thomas More (and King Edward).
  • You can usually find free 2 or 3-hour parking if you are willing to look for it in the area east of campus, between the university and the Rideau river, or in the streets around Greenfield Avenue: Montcalm Street, Havelock Street etc.