Possible Report Subjects for CSI5109


A number of possible report subjects can easily be `invented' by looking at papers on LOTOS theory and practice. The books I have put on reserve are an excellent source of ideas for research projects. A good project can be created by:

Some important topics:

On the first topic, you can also see the tool LOTEST (see theses by Djaffar Gueraichi and Rafiq Jaouani on Web server). On the second topic, you can see the tool LMC (see thesis by Brahim Ghribi).

An interesting source of reports could be the several LOTOS tools we have here. A project could be done by testing the possibilities of these tools, based on several examples. Other projects could be done by comparing two or more tools on a set of examples. Our University of Ottawa LOTOS toolkit can be started from most grad lab machines (and, I believe, also from SUNS in the undergraduate lab) by using the command XELUDO. Information on its use can be obtained on the Web:


LOTEST and LMC, mentioned above, are part of XELUDOd

There are also other LOTOS tools available here: lite, Caesar, LOLA/TOPO. Start with ELUDO. To try the others, access the Web URL mentioned above, then

-> The Private Room

-> The Tools Corner

-> Local Setup ("setup procedure"

How to find useful examples? You should browse the Web. Many examples are available on our local Web server, mentioned above. You will find there the LOTOS examples published in the book by Turner, which is on reserve at the library. Examples that can be adapted in various ways are also in the book by Glen Bruns, by VanEijk et al., and by Bolognesi et al., all in the library.