Honours Projects CSI4900, proposed by Lucia Moura
e-mail: lucia@site.uottawa.ca
home page: http://www.site.uottawa.ca/~lucia

I am supervising projects for the 2013-2014 academic year.
  1. Combinatorial game development and algorithms
    I have a project to develop a two player game based on a variation on the Sudoku puzzle.
    For the honours project the student would develop and implement algorithms involving finding the solutions of a Sudoku puzzle based on exhaustive search; other algorithms would have to be developped for the 2-player version of the game. A nice human-computer interface would be developped for playing the game.
    Pre-requisites: strong algorithm development skills, have taken CSI3105 or equivalent, excellent programming skills.
    Number of participants: 1 or 2 students. One student could do the whole project, or we could have one student involved in the algorithm development and the other student focusing on the interactive part of the game, developping a more interesting interface.

    NOTE: I am particularly interested in students that plan to continue on a master's degree in the academic year 2014-2015. This student could develop the basic algorithms and prototype for the honours project, and for the master's there are more advanced algorithms to be developped to make the computer one of the players (using game theory).
    In particular, students with a strong algorithms background and excellent grades could consider taking the 5-year BSc+MSc in computer science; in this case the student should plan ahead and take two graduate courses as one of their 4th year optional courses. This particular project is suitable for starting as a honours project at the undrgraduate level and then be expanded as a master's thesis. In this case, I would strongly suggest the student takes my graduate course on combinatorial algorithms (CSI5165 - Fall 2013).

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