IPCOS lab:
Integer Programming,
Combinatorial Optimization
and Structures


Sylvia Boyd
Lucia Moura

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Research Activities

Our research aims at the development of efficient computational methods for problems in the areas of combinatorial optimization, integer programming and combinatorial structures, their theory and applications.
Combinatorial optimization and integer programming deals with many practically important optimization problems which are combinatorial in nature. Some examples of such problems include the design of reliable communication networks, fast printed circuit board production, scheduling problems and routing problems.
The study of combinatorial structures includes the arrangement of discrete objects in a very balanced or tightly restricted way. Combinatorial structures like graphs and combinatorial designs model several problems arising in information technology, including problems in communications and security, software testing and bioinformatics.

Our research focuses towards the following aspects of integer programming, combinatorial optimization and combinatorial structures:

Our members are also part of The Ottawa-Carleton Discrete Mathematics Group, where we collaborate and organize joint events, as well as the University of Ottawa Algorithms group.

Current Projects

Last update October 1, 2012.