Status Reporting

All groups in SEG4910 and SEG4911 will go through an end-of-semester hands-on audit or review of their project with the TA.


Status is maintained on or similar.

·       Use project boards and/or issues with appropriate labels (feature, environment, documentation, risk, bug etc.)

·       Organize by milestone or sprint with a single assignee. Minimum of 1 sprint per milestone (usually 2-4).

·       Activity will be monitored for each team member in terms of commits, pull requests, comments, issues assigned etc.

·       If running system not available, System Demo screenshots will be used to review progress delivered to customer


Weekly “standup” meeting between TA and project manager

·       Flag any concerns and highlight progress since last week

·       Short 2-5 minute update by phone, email or in person.

·       TA enters OK, Worried, or Wow with short comment in class log for Professor


Email Summary to Professor each milestone

·       Summarize progress in terms of sprints since last milestone

·       Implementation status in terms of demo and state of dev/test environment

·       Highlights in terms of new or completed issues this milestone, number of sprints, and planned sprints for next milestone

·       On schedule or not?  Has schedule changed?