SEG4912/4913 Tools

The following is just a sampling of tools that have been recommended or used by students.
You are not required to use these tools, and in fact, you should keep an eye out, because every year there are new tools and new hosting websites that students discover 
 but picking the right tool will dramatically improve your productivity and group communication.
This is just a sample  please email me, and/or highlight it in your QA presentations if you find other tools that are useful:
Group Hosting Sites
Google Groups
IBM Rational Team Concert
I forgot to mention the one of the
most beneficial part of this product which is that it also includes a "Team
Room" where you have a view of all the members of the group along with what
each person is responsible for and how much work that individual has
completed. That was the primary reason that my team said we'd have had to
have this product last year. But in any case, check out this link
here'sa link for more info about how it's being used at different universities in
Canada and the US: 
and here's alink as to where to download the free version: 
(note that the download link is at the bottom of the Express-C column).
Source Control
I hope everything is well. I was going through this article and thought of
the 4th year project class. The article is quick overview and comparison of
7 most popular open source version control systems. I remember version
control was mostly unknown and intimidating to me at the time of
participating in the project, so i hope this article could be made available
to future students to help promote version control systems.
The link is
Build Tools
Bug Tracking
Bugzilla, Mantis
Junit, Nunit, HTTPUnit, HTMLUnit, etc.
Jmeter, OpenSTA