RESOURCES for SEG Students

Get Connected With Your Program!!

There is a Facebook group for SEG students

Software Engineering Student Association President:

Associate Director: Liam Peyton

Academic Advisor: Tatiana Njike Nouya, (613) 562-5800 x6258   


Please read this article for guidelines on how to work and communicate respectfully with others.


In case of emergency on campus call 4511 for Protection Services they will call 911 directly if it is needed (911 does not work on campus).

Be safe at night on campus. 

There is a free student-run service offered on campus to ensure that no one has to walk to or from class on their own.

Plagiarism and Academic Fraud

Plagiarism is explained here.

Plagiarism, or any other type of Academic Fraud, will not be tolerated at uOttawa. The penalties are explained here

Visit the Academic Writing Center for free tutorials and writing support.



NEW COURSE: SEG3904 Innovation Research Project

Looking for a technical elective? 

SEG3904 allows you to receive credit for work you do on an innovation research project as long as it is supervised by a software engineering professor.

Here is how it works:

1) You find a Software Engineering Professor or any professor with a P.Eng. who agrees to supervise your project

2) Write up a proposal that both you and the professor agree to here is an example proposal

3) You submit the proposal via email to the Associate Director, Software Engineering for feedback and approval.

4) you register for SEG3904 at the undergraduate office on first floor SITE using this form.

You can register for SEG3904 in any semester. 




SESA organizes group study sessions for first year students, CEG3185/CEG3585, Ruby On Rails and other topics

Consult the Facebook group for SEG students


Here are useful links explaining JAVA to those who already know Python.

The webpage is crude but every detail are listed and well defined with a simple example. It concludes the key points in ITI1120 and some stuff in the ITI1121(inheritance, objects and interface).


SEG and CSI students often find this course challenging due to the phyiscs and math in the course.

Here is a list of tutorials that have been put together to help students.

ALSO, this text book by Behrouz A. Forouzan is recommended. It is much easier to understand than the book by Stallings and has good practice questions.



Finding a Job (COOP or graduating)

Here is a presentation with tips.

Network with SESA!

Visit the Career Center (run by the COOP office but open to all students)

Leverage your personal network (friends, family, colleagues, clubs, organizations, professors.) and the Internet (Google, etc.), Coop Navigator Index (companies NOT registered with COOP office), Work Study Navigator (uozone .. jobs on campus)




Specific Advice for First Year Students on Probation

Presentation for 1st year students on probation  

In addition, I have been suggesting to students in grade trouble, the following prioirities:


First priority:

Take only as many courses as you can do well on (minimum C+ for pre-req courses and electives (Mat, Science etc.) and minimum B+ for core courses (ITI, CSI, SEG, CEG).

Known when the DROP deadline is .. and consider dropping courses unless you are sure you are going to get a reasonable grade. 


2nd priority:

Retake courses that you received a grade of D, D+, E, and F ... do not bother with supplementals unless you can get a C or higher.


3rd priority:

ITI1121 is a hard course.  Make sure you do well in it.  It is offered in the summer .. you do not have to take it winter semester.