You should plan for your presentation to be about 15 minutes including time for questions. The whole class will be able to ask you questions, but the professor will also give you feedback and may highlight issues for the benefit of the class as a whole. However, you control the presentation and have the right to cut questions short (including ones from the professor) or defer them to the end of the presentation

Be prepared that if you run short on time that you may need to omit slides, or drastically reduce what you say about a slide. You should be able to summarize the point or significance of any slide in a single sentence if needed. You should also be able to summarize the key points or significance of your presentation in just a couple of sentences with just a few select slides.

Each member of your team must speak at least once, for at least 5 minutes during one of the two presentations for the project over the two semesters.  Everyone on the team receives the same overall mark for the presentation, even if they do not present, because everyone is expected to participate in the creation of the presentation which should include at least a couple of practice sessions. The presentation should be rehearsed so that if flows smoothly, and everyone who speaks is comfortable and professional in front of an audience.

All groups should show up 5 minutes before class time on the day they present and make sure their presentation is installed and running properly on the class computer BEFORE the class begins!

Presentations in general: Consider the following to help improve your presentations: