Project Policy on Implementation Alternatives

I strongly recommend that all groups follow the project description on the web site and implement their project as described there.


You are permitted to be creative and as one student put it "modern" in your implementation. This includes but is not limited to:

a)      using stored procedures rather than an external file of SQL statements

b)      Java Persistence API or other ORM methods

c)      HTML + AJAX for pages rather than JSP

d)     annotations

e)      third party libraries

f)       anything appropriate and acceptable in CURRENT industrial practice


1)      you will NOT receive any extra marks for doing so ... and if you are not careful may lose marks

2)      you will be graded according to the posted marking scheme AS IS

3)      Everyone in your group is held responsible for understanding and being able to explain ALL aspects of your implementation

4)      you MUST clearly document (either in the readme or the design document) all your innovations, give credit to third party source code when used, and explain both HOW and WHY you have deviated from the official project description

5)      you MUST implement the Order Processing component and Product catalog as web services (either SOAP or Restful)

6)      you MUST document the MVC pattern of your architecture, and the following patterns in your store:

         Data Access Object pattern for interacting with the database

         Transfer object pattern for communication with the web services

         Front Controller pattern for handling HTTP requests, from the browser

         and Intercepting Filter pattern for login security