University of Ottawa, Canada's University Robert Laganière
VIVA lab
Information for potential graduate students
  • I am looking for motivated students interested in applied research in computer vision and video analysis
    • strong programming abilities in C++ is a must
    • we also have projects in embededd vision and Android programming
    • good knowledge of OpenCV is an asset

  • The lab has numerous well established collaborations with the local Hi-Tech industry
    • numerous graduates from the lab have found jobs in computer vision, including in the lab's startup company

  • Depending on your background, you apply to one of these graduate programs:
    • OCIECE (electrical or computer engineering)
    • OCICS (computer science)

  • When a research assistantship position for specific research projects is available the standard compensation is:
    • $1150 per month for M.Sc.A. students
    • $1300 per month for Ph.D. students
  • Each semester, a limited number of Teaching Assistant positions are offered by the School but these are attributed based on seniority and experience. Consequently it is absolutely not guaranteed that you could get a TA position during your studies. So do not count on TA positions.

  • International students
    • I receive more than a dozen of requests per week so do not expect I will reply to your email. If you do not have experience in computer vision and a solid programming background I will not consider your candidacy.
    • At the University of Ottawa, international students pay higher fees than Canadians or Permanent Residents consequently, before applying, make sure you have your source of funding
    • Have a look at the University fees
    • Estimate your expenses and plan your budget
    • Make sure to mention that you are aware of the cost study when you contact me and that you have access to some source of funding.
    • Do not ask me if there is any additional scholarship (see below) that can be offered to you, or if you can receive more than the standard RAship or if it would be possible to have access to some teaching assistant positions. The answer is always no.
    • In general, it is preferable to be self-funded. The standard RAship, when available, does not fully cover the International fees and you still need to pay for your living cost. Being self-funded means that you must be prepared to spend more than $35000CDN per year (tuition, books, supplies, lodging, food, health insurance, bus transportation, etc.). Make sure the fluctuation in the exchange rate will not affect you. No, it is not a good idea to take a chance and come here without full financial support, the situation will not solve by itself; you do not want to have to return to your country before the end of your studies loosing a considerable investment in time and money.
    • Unfortunately, very few international scholarships are available and they are very competitive. To be eligible you must be an outstanding student coming from a top university and have already published in international journals.