An IOMEGA  zip drive is available on grdb.

Changes since the last version are marked with *** 

***To run any of the software, you need to be logged into grdb and add /etc/zip to the front of your path:

*** % set path=(/etc/zip $path) 

*** Modifying a zip disk's status

To make a zip disk readonly, to access a password protected disk, etc.  use the ziptool command before using any mtools commands or mounting the disk as a SunOS filesystem.


To make the disk in the drive read only: Type ziptool for information on other commands available. 

*** Here's how to use it with a DOS (V)FAT filesystem:

You access the zip drive using the mtools package (type man mtools for more information). The drive letter Z has been assigned to the zip drive.


To get a directory of the zip drive: To copy all your *.c files to the zip drive: To copy all the files in the current directory to a zip archive on the zip drive:

Here's how to use it with a SunOS filesystem:

Command  Function 
zip_mount  mount an initialized disk on /zip 
zip_umount  unmount a disk 
zip_init  initialize a disk (erases all contents) 
zip_format  format a disk (erases all contents) 

NOTE it shouldn't be necessary to use the zip_format command, since all disks come pre-formatted. 

Initializing a disk

With a fresh out of the box disk (or on one you don't need the data anymore) a typical sequence would be:

Mounting a disk

With a disk which already has data stored on it, a typical sequence would be:

Using a disk

Once the zip disk is mounted on /zip (either by zip_init or zip_mount) it becomes a regular unix filesystem. All regular unix commands will work.

For example:
NOTE, check the cp(1) manpage for details on problems with the cp command and linked files.  

Unmounting a disk

Once you've finished, you use the zip_umount command to unmount the drive. If instead of /zip: Unmounted you get ****zip_umount: could not unmount /zip the most likely cause is that your current working directory is /zip. Just change your directory out of the /zip hierarchy and try zip_umount again. *** When the disk is unmounted it will be automatically ejected.

*** Questions, Problems?

If you have questions or problems, send email to 

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