CSI 3140 -- Winter 2013

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08/04/13: Sample final exam. Note that yours will be open book. You may have a hard or a soft book (on your laptop) with you.

25/03/13: Assignment 3

09/03/13: A1 annd midterm marks

03/03/13: Assignment 2

25/02/13: Sample midterm

19/02/13: A few precisions are given below:

11/02/13 -- No tutorial/lab today: Hello all, Shiven is sick with a strong flu and can't conduct the tutorial and lab today. Sorry for the inconvenience. -- Iluju Kiringa

01/02/13: Assignment 1

20/01/13: Labs and tutorials start this week of Jan 21, 2013.

16/01/13: Course notes are found at http://www.site.uottawa.ca/~kiringa/courses13/csi3140/lectures-hidden.html\

14/01/13: Hello all, Since we still do not have TAs, there is no lab this week. I intend to send you a lab to do on your own later in this week. -- Thanks, IK

07/01/2013: First class is tomorrow Jan 08, 2013.