WiMAX Infrastructure for Mobile Multimedia Services:

Future broadband infrastructure requires ubiquitous availability and ‘always-on’ services and applications for the business community and education. The development of access network solutions, which consist of various technological options for the last mile (DSL, Cable, Mobile, etc), needs to be optimized so that it comes at a reasonable cost for the end-users.

This project aims at investigating alternative technologies based on wireless metropolitan high-speed Internet access to provide adapted multimedia contents (voice, video and data) at higher rates within a certain agglomeration of end-users. Users that could be represented by their Personal Area Networks (PANs) expect that their ‘domestic’ electronic equipments including phones, PDAs and Laptops are automatically connected to the network, and required services are adapted to their current situation of use.

Ambient context aware applications with ambient networks and ubiquitous high-speed underlying networks are therefore urgently required in order to enable attractive value-added services with the necessary ease of use. For such an environment, the following objectives are identified:

The Infrastructure is build with the Redline Communications Technologies, in a licensed band configuration limited to the University of Ottawa Campus.