Sensor Networks

Data Gathering in Sensor Networks:

The principal task of sensor networks is data-gathering. Pull and push strategies to deployed to achieve a scalable solution for data-gathering and dissemination in sensor networks. In this project, we are exploring an alternative hybrid scalable approach. Unlike the ordinary hybrid schemes, the approach maintains the desirable on-demand communication feature of the pull technique by synchronizing its underling push and pull components. At the same time, scalability is achieved by allowing sinks to cooperatively embed virtual network sectorizing. The mechanism has two phases. First, virtual boards (where queries are announced) are constructed to form virtual closed sectors. Second, nodes located outside these boards initiate local bridges to carry their active events to the first board they encounter. The construction of boards triggers the creation of the bridges such that both phases are synchronized and the intersection is guaranteed. Analytical model and simulations are conducted to show the value of the proposed solutions.