Masters Students

Current Students

Faisal Ameen Zaman

Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Metro Optical Networks

Office: CBY B502
Telephone Extension # 6195

Venkatraman Balasubramanian

SDN assisted Mobile Ad-hoc Cloud

Office: CBY B502
Telephone Extension # 6195

Wijaya Ekanayake

Mobile Cloud Computing

Office: CBY B502
Telephone Extension # 6195

S. Yihong

Network Virtualization

Office: CBY B502
Telephone Extension: 6195
Tel (mobile) +1 613 869 6897

Alumni Students (Last 6 years only)
DegreeNameMajor Topic
M.A.Sc.B. HuangInteractive Multimedia SMIL documents
M.A.Sc.F. ZiadeMobile Agent Transfer Protocol.
M.A.Sc.A. HoodaMobility Management with Mobile Agents.
M.A.Sc.N. Poon3D Multimedia Presentation.
M.A.Sc.Z. CuiSecurity in Mobile Agents.
M.A.Sc.Y. WangGlobal University Database Using Agents.
M.A.Sc.J. Y. XinAgent-Based QoS Management.
M.A.Sc.Z. ZhangMobile Agent Platform 2000.
M.A.Sc.Z. ZhangInteractive Telelearning System.
M.A.Sc.V. PhamSecure Agent Platform.
M.A.Sc.A. KarboubiMobile Agent Tracking Strategies.
M.A.Sc.H. GuennounPolicy Management Using Mobile Agents.
M.A.Sc.R. TkitoSoftware Distribution with Mobile Agents.
M.A.Sc.H. OuahidOntology Definition and Manipulation Language.
M.A.Sc.G. NoelMultimedia Object Tracking in Video Segments.
M.A.Sc.M. ZhengSecurity in Mobile Agents.
M.A.Sc.Y. SelvarajMobile Agent-Based SIP-User Agent.
M.A.Sc.X. Gang DengHome Networks for Real-Time Video Applications.
M.A.Sc.J. YuanDesign of Multimedia Courseware Database.
M.A.Sc.N. ElkarimiPersonal Assistant Using Agent Technology.
M.A.Sc. Y. DongSIP-Based Ad Hoc Communications.
M.A.Sc.P. GanesanContext Sensing and Management.
M.A.Sc.Y. LuService Discovery in Ad Hoc Communications.
M.A.Sc.O. Marquez RangelWeb Services Composition.
M.A.Sc.Z. LiManagement Home Appliances.
M.A.Sc.Y. Al Ridhawi Context Level Agreement Protocol.
M.A.Sc. Houda Autonomic Systems.