Fall 2017

ELG5124/CSI5151 Virtual Environments

Student Evaluation

Marking Scheme

The maximum is 100 marks with the following breakdown:

2 Assignments
Assignment 1: Introduction: Scene Graph 10 marks
Assignment 2: Interaction 10 marks
3 Assignments OR Project
Assignment 3: Animation Project Proposal (4 pages) 10 marks
Assignment 4: Physical Simulation Project Implementation 10 marks
Assignment 5: Stereo Viewing Project Report (6-8 pages) 10 marks
Assignment 4/5 Presentation Project Presentation 10 marks
Exam 40 marks

Assignments and Projects

There will be two assignments (mainly implementation) which must be submitted through Virtual Campus. No other form of submission will be accepted.
Students have a choice to submit 3 extra assignments or a course project. Each project must be presented in class. Slides for the presentation have to be submitted through Virtual Campus at least 2 days before the presentation. Students who do not submit a project must present their combined assignment 4 and 5 on a physics simulation with stereo viewing. If you have not handed-in your project proposal by October 10th, you must hand in the assignments 3-5.
The exam is mandatory for all students.
Late hand-ins will NOT be accepted.
All assignments will be posted on Virtual Campus.

Reminder: Academic Regulations

Class attendance is mandatory. As per academic regulations, students who do not attend 80% of the class will not be allowed to write the final examinations.

All components of the course (i.e., assignments, projects, final) must be fulfilled otherwise students may receive an INC as a final mark (equivalent to an F).
For more details see uOttawa academic regulations.

Academic Fraud and Plagiarism

Any form of plagiarism or fraud including on an assignment or the project, will result in an automatic 0 on this assignment or poject, and will be reported to th Faculty.
For any plagiarism or fraud the university regulation on academic fraud applies.
The plagiarism rules explains the University of Ottawa rules. Please familiarize yourself with them.

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