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Michael Barton, MSc(EE),"Patient Monitoring Signal Acquisition and On-Line Data for a Decision-Support System,"(Supervised by M. Frize and M. Kaye, UNB).

Christina Catley, PhD(EE), Carleton University.

Colleen M. Ennett, PhD(EE), "Imputation of Missing Values by Integrating Two Artificial Intelligence Systems," Carleton University.

Christophe Herry, PhD(EE), Carleton University.

Stéphane Raby, MASc(EE), "On-line Acquisition and Data Analysis of Neonatal Intensive Care Data," University of Ottawa.

Isabelle Roy, MEng(TTM), "Biomedical Instrumentation in Developing Countries," Carleton University.

Dawn Rybchynski, MASc(EE), University of Ottawa.

Doaa Swailum, MASc(EE), University of Ottawa.

Safaa Saifuddn, MSc(EE), Carleton University.

Yipu Shi, MSc(ISS), Carleton University.

Completed Theses:

Christophe Herry, MSc(EE), "Quantitative Assessment of Pain Through Clinical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging," Carleton University (Co-supervised by D. Rossille and R.A. Goubran), Sept 2002.

Christina Catley, "Medical Database Management and Interoperability for Neural Network Applications: An XML-Based Solution," -- MASc (EE), Carleton University, July 2002.

Doaa Swailum, MEng(ISS), University of Ottawa, May 2002.

Wei Lin, MSc(CS), University of Ottawa, Dec 2001.

Nicole Gaskin, "Knowledge Based Approach to Study Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients" -- MSc(EE), (Supervised by M. Frize and B. Nickerson, UNB), June 2001.

Yanling Tong, "Developing ANN Approaches to Estimate Neonatal ICU Outcomes" -- MASc(EE), University of Ottawa, May 2000.

Colleen M. Ennett, "Coronary Surgery Mortality Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks" -- MASc(EE), University of Ottawa, November 1999.

Tamara Djokic, "Optimization of Outcomes and/or Prognostics Study of a Database of Cancer Patients" -- MSc(EE), (Supervised by M. Frize and J. Taylor, UNB), June 1999.

Hongmei Liu, "Clinical Assessment and Study of Physician-Computer Interaction Using the IDEAS for Neonatal ICUs Software" -- MEng(ISS), Carleton University, June 1998.

Lijuan Wang, "Constructing Case Bases from Medical Databases" -- MSc(CS), (Supervised by B. Nickerson, UNB, and M. Frize) UNB, December 1997.

Heather C.E. (McGowan) Trigg, "An Investigation of Methods to Enhance the Performance of Artificial Neural Networks Used to Estimate ICU Outcomes" -- MSc(EE), (Supervised by M. Frize and M. Stevenson) UNB, January 1997.

Timothy Buskard, "Development of an Artificial Neural Network Used to Estimate Outcomes for an ICU" -- MSc(EE), (Supervised by M. Frize and M. Stevenson) UNB, December 1994.

Kevin T. Taylor, "Use of a Knowledge-Based System in the Management of Intensive Care Unit" --MSc(EE), (Supervised by M. Frize and B. Nickerson) UNB, December 1994.

A. Harold, "Evaluation of Electrosurgical Current Distribution Using Finite Element Analysis" -- MSc(EE), (Supervised by M. Frize) UNB, 1993.


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