Research Activities

Eric Dubois

This web site summarizes and provides links to my research activities, done in collaboration with my research team. See the publications page for a sequential list of publications.

mdsp cover Multidimensional Signal Processing: My work on multidimensional signal processing for signals defined on lattices is presented in my book Multidimensional Signal and Color Image Processing Using Lattices, Wiley, 2019. Supporting material including MATLAB scripts to reproduce the figures in the book and additional complementary material can be found on the Companion Web Site.
bayer Demosaicking: This research is mainly concerned with reconstructing a full color image from a sensor equipped with a color filter array (CFA). We have developed the adaptive luma-chroma demultiplexing algorithm, and we are working to adapt it to many different CFA geometries, and to deal with the presence of noise. See our demosaicking page for more details.
colorCone Color spaces: I have fully developed the vector space approach to representing color spaces, with application to color signal processing. This was published in a monograph in the Morgan Claypool Synthesis Lectures. See my color space page for more details.
star Stereoscopic Imaging: I have developed the 'Dubois Anaglyph' method widely used in stereoscopic visualization tools. See my anaglyph page for more details. PhD student Luis Gurrieri is working on stereoscopic panoramas.
orthogonal_lattice Image sampling and reconstruction: Sampling and reconstruction of images and video, including sampling structure conversion. More details on our image sampling page.

Click on the sampling structure to the left to see a perspective view of the progressive scanning structure as a red-cyan anaglyph.

ship NAVIRE: NAVigation in Image-based Representations of Real-World Environments. Tele-Presence refers to a family of technologies that electronically create the impression and experience of being in a remote place or environment and interacting with that environment. This project aims to create such high-quality immersive experiences that provide the sense of "being there" through the use of image-based models. See the video by Luis Gurrieri.
plaque I received the 2013 George S. Glinski Award for Excellence in Research from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ottawa. Slides, videos and photos.