SEG 3101 - Project

This project shall be done in teams of 4-5 people.


Name: Complex Conference Registration System (CCRS)

Large scientific conferences are composed of hundreds of participants and span several days, with several parallel events such as formal presentations, guest speakers, workshops, tutorials, demonstrations, posters, discussion panels, etc. These conferences also offer several registration options. Here are some examples of complex conferences with their programs and registration options:
Size / Duration
250 participants / 5 days
1,200 participants / 9 days Program
AIDS'2016 15,000 participants / 7 days Program

There exist many generic systems supporting the management of registrations (the bread and butter!) to a conference. For instance:
Despite the apparent saturation of this market, most major scientific conferences end up developing their own registration system (or hiring a company to do so). Generic registration systems have difficulty managing:
Your project consists in producing a Software Requirements Specification for a Complex Conference Registration System (CCRS) that will provide most of the functionality and services required to effectively manage registrations to conferences such as those mentioned above.

 Deliverable 1 (5%, deadline: October 6)

This first deliverable focuses on a first list of prioritized user requirements and will be relatively simple and short. To help structuring your approach, here is a template to use for your report.


1. Introduction

2. User Requirements

3. Discussion

 4. References

 Marking Scheme

Here is an overview of the marking scheme for Deliverable 1:

 Deliverable 2 (10%, deadline: November 3)

 Stakeholder Requirements Specification

The following template is to be used for your document. The use of a Requirements Management System (RMS) for this deliverable is allowed (but not mandatory). Interview notes can simply be submitted electronically (scanned or typed).

1. Introduction

2. Domain description
2.1. Glossary (terms and acronyms)
2.2. General knowledge about the domain
Including competing/related systems if any
2.3. Environment and context

3. Initial description of the problem
3.1. Description of stakeholders and their goals
Include a GRL model describing relations between goals and stakeholders.
3.2. Description of the system scope
3.3. Main use cases
Three alternatives for you here:
3.4. Preliminary requirements
Give a list of the system's preliminary requirements (in a tabular form, with identifiers and other relevant attributes). These requirements should reflect the points of view of stakeholders (they could still be conflicting at this point).
3.5. Constraints
3.6. Risks
Major risks on the project.

4. Aspects needing clarifications

5. Back to interviews

What were your objectives? How well have they been met? What could have been done better?

6. Description of team and roles

Provide a table with all team members and the tasks they were involved in for this deliverable. You can be specific by stating percentages of the work done and number of hours spent by each team member if this information is available. If for some legitimate reasons, the work share is unbalanced, please state these reasons in a short paragraph. Notice that the information provided here might be used to adjust the project final grade for the team members.

Appendix A: Interview notes

Summary of questions, answers, GUI elements, and other diagrams/notes.

 Marking Scheme

 Deliverable 3 (10%, deadline December 5)

  Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

Your goal in this last deliverable is to produce a Software Requirements Specification that includes useful attributes and traceability information. The SRS shall be linked to the (revised) goals of your second deliverable. Some points to ponder:

This is the last deliverable. Aim for quality rather than quantity.

 Usage of a Requirements Management Tool other than DOORS

If you do not use DOORS:

 Marking Scheme

Here is the marking scheme for this third deliverable (SRS):