SEG 3101 - Assignments


Please create teams of 4 or 5 members for the project and assignments. Make sure you have compatible schedules! Edit teams online, and give yourself an exciting team name!

 Assignment 1: Critique of a specification

In the lab, you have inspected and criticized a specification of software requirements and a request for proposals. Now is your chance to do the same for a system requirements specification.


The goals of this lab are:


Part I : Critique of the structure (4x8=32 marks)

You are invited to consult the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148:2011 standard for this part.

  1. Briefly discuss, on 1/2 to 3/4 of a page, two major positive aspects related to the SysRS document structure. Justify your answer by specifying what you find appropriate for the document (e.g., a standard element relevant to the domain context).
  2. Briefly discuss, 1/2 to 3/4 of a page, two major negative aspects related to the SysRS document structure. Propose improvements based on your understanding of the document goals (what would improve the document such that it is better able to meet its goals) and standards (i.e., ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148:2011).

Part II : Critique of the content (4x8=32 marks)

Using the characteristics of good requirements documents discussed in class and in the tutorial, identify four major problems in the specification document related to its content. For each, clearly indicate the part of the document in question (subsection, or recurring problem covering several sections/requirements), the observed weakness, and your corrective measure (advice). Aim to suggest improvements that will bring the most value to the readers of the specification.

Part III: Improvements to individual requirements (6x5=30 marks)

Criticize the following individual requirements of the inspected specification (you have a very elaborated context here), and rewrite them to improve their precision when necessary:

  1. The Core System shall identify misbehavior with System Users.
  2. The Core System shall manage the health of the Core System.
  3. The Core System shall manage 1609.2 Certificates to System Users
  4. The Core System shall synchronize the time of day with all the Core Subsystems every 10ms (TBD).
  5. The Core System shall interface with other Core Systems.
  6. The Core System's facility shall be protected by physical access controls.

Part IV: Discussion of the process (3x2=6 marks)

Quality of the report

Pay attention to the tone of the report (needs to be constructive), to the relevance of your recommendations, to clarity, and to grammar. The report can be written in French or English. Marks can be removed for a bad report quality.


 Assignment 2: Precise modelling with UML, UCM, and FM

To submit before Friday November 24, 22:00 on BrightSpace. To be done with your project team.


The goals of this assignment are to get familiar with and demonstrate mastering of