EBC8101 (Winter 2019)

EBC8101 - Interdisciplinary Doctoral Seminar in E-Business I

Recent developments in e-Business applications and research. Critical analysis of theories, models, and methods. Critical synthesis of the field literature from different perspectives. Students will write a systematic survey paper of the literature relevant to their research in one of the three fields of the program. The paper must be in a different field from that selected for the paper in EBC8102. Course reserved for students in the EBC PhD program.

Dr. Daniel Amyot

Teaching Assistant


Main Resources

Research Guides and Librarians

Required Readings

No manual is mandatory. There will be a number of readings assigned by weekly speakers before they are scheduled to speak. It is assumed that assigned readings will be read by students before coming to class to allow for a fruitful seminar discussion.

Students are also invited to read these articles in advance:

 Course Schedule


14:30-17:30 VNR 1075


Jan 10
Jan 17
Jan 24
Jan 31
Feb 7
Feb 14
Feb 21
Feb 28
Mar 7
Mar 14
  • Invited talk - TBD
Mar 21
  • Invited talk - TBD
Mar 28
  • Invited talk - TBD
Apr 4
  • Student mini-presentations
Apr 5
  • Student mini-presentations, to be confirmed


 About this Course

This course is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and tools used at the graduate level in e-Business applications and research. By the end of the course students should be able to:

  1. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of core research and communication methods available to academics and practitioners within the domain of e-Business.
  2. Understand research ethics and practice it on peer reviews.
  3. Write a literature review paper in one of the three fields of the program (e-business, e-society, e-technology).

Secondary objectives for this course include an early opportunity for you and your thesis supervisor(s) to work on a deliverable of common interest, as well as the creation of a community among the students in the seminar.

This seminar is designed to be an open forum for academic exchange between e-business PhD students, professors, and invited experts working in various areas of research in e-business. There are a variety of deliverables including a literature review paper (preceded by a research protocol definition), a presentation, and peer evaluations. Students are required to actively participate in regular seminar discussions based on weekly readings.

Thesis Supervisor Role

If at any time something seems unclear, please make an appointment to discuss it with the seminar professor or your supervisor. It is the role of the supervisor to:


Literature review protocol – Signed by the supervisor: Due February 7
10 marks
Peer evaluation of one protocol (based on February 1st draft): Due February 4
6 marks
Ethics certification (online): Due before April 20
7 marks
Literature review presentation (April 4-5)
10 marks
Peer evaluation of three presentations (April 5-6) 6 marks
Peer evaluation of one literature review (based on draft submitted April 15): Due April 18
10 marks
Questions on material, before class (three times, at least two relevant and important questions each time) 6 marks
Literature review – Graded by the supervisor: Due April 29    45 marks

Attendance and Participation

Be here! Your grade depends upon it. You are expected to attend, take notes, and participate in weekly seminars. Late students conspicuously disturb the learning experience for their classmates. As a courtesy, you should plan to arrive no later than the start of class (if not sooner). This seminar requires that assigned readings are actually read before class. Questions about the content of the reading material must be emailed to the professor and the TA before class, at least 3 times during the semester. The desire is to have a thoughtful series of discussions and critiques of the material, rather than simply a reiteration of what is stated by the authors. If you are sick or have some other difficulty with attendance, please communicate with the professor as soon as possible. 

Literature Review

You are required to submit an individually written (systematic) literature review to your dissertation supervisor for grading. Supervisors are expected to submit final paper grades to the seminar professor within 7 days of the student submission due date. It is expected that this paper will be developed and worked on throughout the semester. In terms of writing format, choose a format suggested by your supervisor or one derived from a research design textbook (i.e., Creswell, 2014).

Literature Review Presentation

~25 minutes including Q&A. You will be asked to present work in progress related to your developing literature review. Be professional with your presentation and make sure to include key details related to the research project. The content of the presentation should include the following elements:

Following the 15-20 minute presentation, you are responsible to lead a discussion for 5 minutes. Each presenter will be evaluated by three peers through a feedback form submitted to the prof at the end of the presentation. Attendance is mandatory.



"To plagiarize is to borrow someone else's words or ideas without mentioning his/her name and/or without using quotation marks" (University of Ottawa Definition of Plagiarism). For more detailed information, please consult the Academic Integrity website.

Sexual Violence

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