CSI 5112 (Winter 2018)


Topics of current interest in Software Engineering, such as software development systems, structured systems analysis and design, management of software, software tools, validation and verification, programming environments.


Dr. Daniel Amyot




14:30 -17:30 Lees A131


In addition to an overview and review of important software engineering concepts (including processes, modelling complexity, UML 2.x, and Java programming), this course will focus on three main axes related to software engineering:

Software Requirements Engineering

Precise Modelling

Managing Change

This course will also emphasize the use of many software engineering tools such as jUCMNav (for URN), Umple (for UML), Eclipse (for Java and editors), and USE (for OCL).




Tools and Tutorials


The marking scheme for the course is the following:
Bonus points might be available for the assignments and project.



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