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Current Graduate Students

Ahmad Abdo, Ph.D. Student, Start Date: September 2007.

Cora Li, Ph.D. Student, Start Date: Sept 2013, Co-supervised with A. Yongacoglu

Aymen Ben Salem, Ph.D. Student, Start Date: Jan 2014.

Nordine Quadar, M.A.Sc. Student, Start Date: Sept 2015.

Students Graduated

Aymen Ben Salem, M.A.Sc. Student, Thesis Title, “The Application of Multiuser Detection to Spectrally Efficient MIMO or Virtual MIMO SC-FDMA Uplinks in LTE Systems,” Thesis defended December 2014.

Yasin Miar, Ph.D. Student, Thesis Title, “Improved Wideband Spectrum Sensing Methods for Cognitive Radio”, Thesis defended in August 2012, Co-supervised with T. Aboulnasr (UBC).

Hassan Charafeddine, M.Eng. Student, M.Eng Report Title: “Underwater Acoustic Array Signal Processing Methods for Sonar Applications,” Report submitted Dec. 2011.

Alireza Mirzaee, Ph.D. Student, Thesis Title: “Turbo Receiver for Spread Spectrum Systems Employing Parity Bit Selected Spreading Sequences,” Thesis defended in Dec. 2011.

Chris Squires, M.A.Sc. Student, Thesis Title, “The Impact of Polarized MIMO Channels in Vehicular Based Communications,” Thesis defended in Nov. 2009.

Luo Jing, M.A.Sc Student, Thesis Title: “Adaptive Signal Processing for MIMO-CDMA Employing Permutation Spreading,” Thesis defended July 2009.

Min Shi, M.A.Sc. Student, Thesis Title: “Spreading Code Assignment Techniques for MIMO-CDMA,” Thesis defended May 2009, 

Co-supervised with Abbas Yongacoglu

Danfeng Xu, M.A.Sc. Student, Thesis Title: “Iterative Coded Multiuser Detection using LDPC Codes,” Thesis defended August 17, 2007.

Garfield Downes, M.A.Sc. Student, Thesis Title: “Characterisation and Performance Prediction of Narrowband MIMO Channels,” Thesis defended April 2006.

Stephan Chan, M.A.Sc. Student, Thesis Title: “Performance of Linear Detectors using Partial Decision Techniques in CDMA Systems with Multiple Antennas,” Thesis defended Mar. 2006.

Sadat Hussein, M.Eng. Student, Report Title: “Message Passing Algorithm for LDPC Decoding: Analysis and Implementation,” Report submitted March 2006.

Yongjun Song, M.A.Sc. Student, Thesis Title: “Parity Bit Selected Spreading Sequences for Spread Spectrum and Code Division Multiple Access Systems,” Thesis defended Nov. 2005.

Wei Zhang Ph.D. Student (co-supervised with Dr. A. Yongacoglu), Thesis Title: "Soft-input Soft-output Multiuser Detection for Coded Wireless Multiuser Systems." Thesis defended May 2005.

Lt (N) Lex Stuart, M.Sc. Student (RMC, co-supervised with Dr. F. Chan), Thesis Title, "Pilot Symbol Assisted, Multi Stage, Multi User Reception of Direct Sequence Code Division Mulitple Access Signals in a Rayleigh Fading Channel," Thesis Defended Sept 2004.

Naser Salem M.A.Sc. Student. Thesis Title, "Signal processing for multiple receive antenna systems in the presence of multiple access interference". Thesis Defended August 2004.

Li Pan, M.A.Sc. Student. Thesis Title, "Selective Multistage Detection in the Presence of Frequency-Nonselective Rayleigh Fading." Completed June 2004.

Charles Benoit M.A.Sc. Student (co-supervised with Dr. J.-Y. Chouinard).  
Thesis title, "La Reconnaissance Automatique De Modulation De Signaux a Acces Multiples Repartis Dans Le Temps".  Completed Feb 2003.

Lt. Michael L.C. Cassie, M.Sc. student (RMC, co-supervised with Dr. Y.T. Chan)
M.Sc. Thesis Title, "Performance of Slow Frequency-Hopped Radios in the Presence of Jamming", completed Aug. 2000.

Major Robert W. Miller, M.Sc. student (RMC).  M.Sc. Thesis Title, "Modelling Methodology and Data Throughput Analysis of a VHF Land Mobile Radio Network", completed Nov. 1998.

NSERC Undergraduate Researcher Award Recipients

Brian Lawrence, Improved Detection for CDMA Employing Data Dependent Spreading, Summer 2007.

Azar Mouzari, Coding Techniques for Iterative Multistage Detectors, Summer 2003.
Francois Belanger, Simulation of LDPC Codes, Summer 2003.
Azar Mouzari, Reduced Complexity Multistage Detection Algorithms, Summer 2002.

Engineering Work Term Students

Houman Abrishamkar, Multistage Detection of MFSK Modulated CDMA, Summer 2003.
Ibrahim Tamer, Simulation of MFSK Modulated DS-CDMA, Summer 2003.
Ruba El-Abdallah, Adaptive Filters for Blind Multiuser Detection of DS-CDMA Signals, Summer 2002.

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