Requirement analysis - the Access Control System example

1. Domain analysis:

Problem statement ( textual description of the problem domain and requirements) : Make a statement that explains the problem domain. Focus on the purpose, the essential concepts, the procedures, and rules. Here is the problem statement for the Access Control System:

problem statement

Dictionary of terms


Entity-Relationship diagram

The following diagram is drawn in the so-called SOON notation. Please, redraw it in the notation of a UML Class diagram.

ER model

Here are some examples of possible refinements (inheritance relationship)


2. External design: Sketch of system boundary - - - and system in its context

system sketch system boundary

3. Define system interactions and use cases

A simple use case

user behavior

Combined user behavior from several use cases and create a state diagram - distinguish input (?) and output (!) interactions


Created: December 27, 2012; revised Jan. 2015