Burak Kantarci, PhD., P.Eng., SMIEEE, SM-ACM

ACM Distinguished Speaker

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School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

University of Ottawa


University of Ottawa

School of Electrical Eng. and Computer Science

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My lab NEXTCON is committed to creating an environment that is clearly supportive, diverse, gender-balanced, collegial and open to the researchers with strongest technical skills regardless of their background. I am a proud member of the ACM-W that supports, celebrates, and advocates internationally for the full engagement of women in computing. 

I am looking for enthusiastic PhD students who will work on Applied Artificial Intelligence methodologies for IoT, connected vehicles, security, privacy and trust. Interested students may contact me to inquire the possibility of pursuing graduate degree in ECE or CS under my supervision however they should first be admitted to the University of Ottawa (here). 

Current Research Interests: 

Ø  Internet of Things

Ø  AI-backed Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace

Ø  Machine Learning-driven Continuous Authentication

Ø  AI-based solutions for Connected Vehicles

Ø  Behavioral biometrics

Ø  Communication models for big data analytics

Ø  Crowdsensing and social networks

Short bio

Dr. Burak Kantarci is an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Ottawa. He also holds a courtesy faculty appointment in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York. Prior to joining the uOttawa, he was an assistant professor at Clarkson University where he has been the founding director of the Next Generation Communications and Computing Networks (NEXTCON) Laboratory.  In 2009-2014, he also worked as a research fellow at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Ottawa.

  Top-15: Latest news

Dr. Kantarci has been awarded the Association of Computing (ACM) Senior Member recognition. (List of North American awardees in 2020)


Our article titled ‘Locally reconfigurable Self Organizing Feature Map for high impact malicious tasks submission in Mobile Crowdsensing’ has been accepted to Elsevier Internet of Things Journal. Congrats Xuankai! (Click for the paper)


Our article titled ‘Towards ensuring the reliability and dependability of vehicular crowd-sensing data in GPS-less location tracking’ has been accepted to Elsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing Journal. (Click Here)


Our article titled: ‘Attention-Based Event Characterization for Scarce Vehicular Sensing Data’ has been accepted to IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology. Congrats Nima. (Click for the paper)


Dr. Kantarci has received the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund (Link)


Our article titled "Empowering Self-Organized Feature Maps for AI-Enabled Modelling of Fake Task Submissions to Mobile Crowdsensing Platforms" has been accepted to IEEE Internet of Things Journal (Link)


Our article titled "Ensemble Methods for the Detection of Fake Tasks in Mobile Crowdsensing under Limited Training Data" has been accepted to IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (Link)

9 July2020

Dr. Kantarci has been awarded the NSERC Alliance Grant to battle the COVID-19 Crisis with research “Artificial Intelligence-Based Decision Support System for COVID-19 Mobile Assessments and Optimal Supply Services During the Pandemic” (Link)

3 June2020

NEXTCON to help resolve COVID-19: Our initial research results to help resolve COVID-19 crisis published in Intl. Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IF: 2.468). Click to view


Another proud moment for NEXTCON lab. Xuankai Chen has won the 2nd Prize for the Fall 2019 Cognos Prize at uOttawa for his Honours thesis titled “Artificial Neural Networks-assisted Data Acquisition in Mobile Crowdsensing Systems”. Congrats Xuankai! (LinkedIn)

26Feb 2020

Our article exploring the boundaries of deep learning (“Holistic design for deep learning-based discovery of tabular structures in datasheet images”) has now been published in Elsevier Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence.  (Link to article) (LinkedIn)

15Feb 2020

Three papers on AI-backed security accepted to IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2020) Congratulations to Zhiyan Chen, Yueqian Zhang, Safa Otoum! (Link)

27Jan 2020

Four researchers of NEXTCON Lab participated in CANDEV Data Challenge presented by Statistics Canada on 18-19 January with their "AI Model for Enabling Smart Cities" in the smart cities innovation challenge. (Link)

20Jan 2020

Yueqian “Audrey” Zhang ; and Ahmed Omara have defended their Master’s theses successfully. Theses titled "Resource Clogging Attacks in Mobile Crowd-Sensing: AI-based Modeling, Detection and Mitigation" and  Predictive Operational Strategies for Smart Microgrid Networks”. Congrats Audrey! Congrats Ahmed! (Link)


Dr. Kantarci is delivering a talk titled "Bridging AI and Adversarial AI for secure non-dedicated sensing in smart spaces" the Ottawa AI Alliance – Second Annual Workshop.


Dr. Kantarci is invited speaker with his talk titled "Mobile Crowdsensing for Crowd Management in Disasters: Challenges, Solutions, Opportunities" in dedicated" and "non-dedicated" sensor networks against misbehaviour" in 8th MC/WG Meeting of Resilient Communication Services Protecting End-user Applications from Disaster-based Failures (RECODIS) in Nicosia, Cyprus.

16Oct 2019

Dr. Kantarci delivers keynote speech titled "AI-backed resiliency for "dedicated" and "non-dedicated" sensor networks against misbehaviour" in 11th International Workshop on Resilient Networks Design and Management (RNDM) in Nicosia, Cyprus.

14Oct 2019

Our AVIN Talent Edge project "Vehicular Sensor Fusion for Detection and Characterization of Significant Events" has been approved for funding by Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).

4 Oct 2019

Our article titled "Towards Fog-Based Mobile Crowdsensing Systems: State of the Art and Opportunities" has been accepted to IEEE Communications Magazine. Congratulations Dimitri!


Dr. Kantarci's MITACS Accelerate application, AI-Based Automated Methodologies for Supply Chains has been awarded. 3-year collaboration with our industry partner. Total project budget: $270K


Two papers accepted to Globecom 2019. Both on adversarial machine learning. Congratulations Audrey, Kyle, Ertugrul.


He has been the PI/co-PI of several federally/provincially-funded research projects supported by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), and Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (Mitacs).

Dr. Kantarci is a Distinguished Speaker of the ACM (2019-2021), Senior Member of the ACM and a Senior Member of the IEEE, an editor for the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, an associate editor for IEEE Networking Letters, an associate editor for IEEE Access, an area editor for IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking. Dr. Kantarci is the Chair of IEEE Communication Systems Integration and Modeling Technical Committee of IEEE Communications Society  He has been serving as a TPC member of GLOBECOM (since 2011) and ICC (since 13) in various tracks. He is also co-chairing the Workshop on Management of Cloud and Smart City Systems (MoCS) since 2012, and is a Symposium co-chair in IEEE GLOBECOM'18-Symp on Communication Systems QoS and Reliability Modeling.  He served as a TPC co-chair and a general co-chair of the IEEE International Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling Analysis and Design of Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD) in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Since December 2012, Dr. Kantarci is an area editor of the IEEE ComSoc Ad Hoc Sensor Networks Technical Committee (AHSN-TC) Newsletter.

Dr. Kantarci is a member of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Computer Science and Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dr. Kantarci is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) registered in the province of Ontario.









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