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Research: Fabrication of surface plasmon waveguides on membranes (CPFR, Spectalis)

This research program is devoted to the fabrication and characterisation of membrane waveguides and integrated structures operating with long-range surface plasmon-polaritons (LRSPPs). The structures are to be used as (bio)chemical sensors operating in aqueous or gaseous media. The structures consist of thin metal stripes on a thin free-standing dielectric membrane surrounded by the sensing medium. The fabrication of these structures is the main objective of this project, and the experimental characterisation of their mechanical and optical properties are other objectives. This project is carried out in the fab at Carleton University in collaboration with Prof. R. N. Tait.


Cytop Membranes 1.51.5 mm2 and ~700 nm thick. (Ref. W4 under Publications.)