University of Ottawa - EMCP 2014

May 5 - 9, 2014
Instructors: Prof.Eric Dubois and Ahmad Al-Kabbany

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This course was a part of the University of Ottawa's 34th round of the Enrichment Mini-courses Program for the year 2014 which targets students already in (or about to start) high-school. The course has covered a multitude of topics that are all under the umbrella of electronic imaging and which are expected to be of interest for the artistically-inclined as well as the STEM-inclined types of students. Basic concepts of image processing, image analysis, image synthesis and image communication were introduced. The course was comprised of a set of 30-minutes presentations (can be found below) with hands-on exercises and group activities in-between.

Some Panoramas Taken by Students During The Course's Group Activities
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The teams' anaglyphs can be reached through Prof.Dubois' webpage in the "Group photos" section. Click here to check them.

Course's students giving a demo during our participation in the EMCP's information fair

Students of "The Wonderful World of Physics" visiting our kiosk
Course's students listening to a demo from the instructor of the course "What in The World isn't Chemistry?" Our kiosk at the information fair
Students and Instructors of "The Wonderful World of Electronic Imaging"
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