Here is a partial list of our electronic thesis from the uO Research repository. The list grouped according to the year of completion, and is sorted alphabetically to the thesis title within each group.


The Omnidirectional Acquisition of Stereoscopic Images of Dynamic Scenes

Gurrieri, Luis E. (PhD)

Optimization of Sampling Structure Conversion Methods for Color Mosaic Displays

Zheng, Xiang (MASc)


Cubic-Panorama Image Dataset Analysis for Storage and Transmission

Salehi Doolabi, Saeed (PhD)

Data Driven Selective Sensing for 3D Image Acquisition

Curtis, Phillip (PhD)

Design and Calibration of a Network of RGB-D Sensors for Robotic Applications over Large Workspaces

Rizwan, Macknojia (MASc)

Multi-scale Methods for Omnidirectional Stereo with Application to Real-time Virtual Walkthroughs

Brunton, Alan P. (PhD)

People Tracking Under Occlusion Using Gaussian Mixture Model and Fast Level Set Energy Minimization

Moradiannejad, Ghazaleh (MASc)

Probabilistic Shape Parsing and Action Recognition Through Binary Spatio-Temporal Feature Description

Whiten, Christopher J. (MASc)

Real-Time Localization of Planar Targets on Power-Constrained Devices

Akhoury, Sharat Saurabh (MASc)

Robust Self-Calibration and Fundamental Matrix Estimation in 3D Computer Vision

Rastgar, Houman (PhD)


Algorithms to Process and Measure Biometric Information Content in Low Quality Face and Iris Images

Youmaran, Richard (PhD)

Monocular Obstacle Detection for Moving Vehicles

Lalonde, Jeffrey R. (MASc)

Satellite Image Processing with Biologically-inspired Computational Methods and Visual Attention

Sina, Md Ibne (MASc)


3D Surface Analysis for the Automated Detection of Deformations on Automotive Panels

Yogeswaran, Arjun (MASc)

High Dynamic Range Panoramic Imaging with Scene Motion

Silk, Simon (MASc)


Visual surveillance techniques in an entrance monitoring application

Wojtaszek, Daniel (MASc)


Image-based rendering techniques for application in virtual environments

Sun, Xiaoyong (MASc)

Image coding for transmission over wireless CDMA channels

Huang, Xiaodong (MASc)

Registration of range measurements with compact surface representation

Chen, Changzhong (MASc)


Restoration of documents with show-through distortion

Pathak, Anita (MASc)


Feature point correspondences: A matching constraints survey

Arbouche, Samir (MASc)

Pattern compression

Blais, Pascal (MASc)

The disparity pyramid: An irregular pyramid approach for stereoscopic image analysis

Elias, Rimon Zarif (MASc)