Invited Talk: On Model-Driven Software Engineering


Distinguished Engineer, IBM Rational Software, Ottawa, Canada

Abstract. Despite its relative immaturity, software engineering probably has more practitioners worldwide than any other technical discipline. Many of these individuals have no engineering background, do not view themselves as engineers, and do not consider their subject as an engineering problem. Whether or not we agree with this view, certain core principles and methods of classical engineering can be highly relevant to how software is designed and constructed. In this talk, we examine how one time-honoured engineering method – the use of models – can be applied to the problem of software development to achieve dramatic improvements in both the development process and its outputs.
Biography. Bran Selic is an IBM Distinguished Engineer at IBM Rational Software and an adjunct professor of computer science at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He has over 30 years of experience in industry in designing and implementing large-scale industrial software systems. He is the principal author of a popular textbook that pioneered the application of object technology and model-driven development methods in real-time applications. He has published numerous papers on these and related topics in various technical and scientific journals and conferences and is a frequent invited speaker at such events. From 1996 onwards, he has participated in the definition of the UML standard and its real-time UML profile. At present, he is leading an OMG team responsible for finalizing the UML 2.0 standard.