UNIT ONE - Modeling Electric Circuit Elements


Students moving from high schools to mathematics-related programs, such as engineering, at university often have difficulty applying their mathematical knowledge to new situations. They find that there are gaps in the knowledge and skills expected of them in a university program.

These university programs depend critically on students’ experience of learning mathematics and on their ability to make connections between the mathematics they learned in high school and the situations presented in a university program.

Are you a student recently moving from high school into science or engineering?

Are you majoring in electrical engineering or in another field of engineering and taking a required course in electrical engineering?

  • For all of the above and more this portal is for you. Perhaps you are passionate about mathematics, science, and engineering and their limitless potential!

  • Whatever reasons you have for browsing this portal, one of your immediate objectives is probably to meet certain requirements to help you complete a degree in university.

We begin this portal with a unit in Modeling Electrical Circuit Elements. In the future we will work towards developing more units in other engineering fields.

Before we begin this unit, we would like you to think deeply in the following question:

What makes a successful engineering student?

We would like to invite you to post, email or drop off your responses in any creative format you wish by November 15, 2004. The best responses will be published in the Smarter’s Board.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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