As the School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE) at the University of Ottawa is striving to become a world-class research institute, we are gladly launching the Distinguished Lecture Series. In this series of events, distinguished researchers are invited from various disciplines in electrical engineering and computer science to give research prensentations.  We hope that through this series of events, our researchers and students can broaden their perspectives on research methodologies and philosophy, and become aware of the research fore-front in various areas of information science, engineering and technology.

Although the lectures usually focus on specific technical subjects, the lecturers will make an effort to present the subject matter at a level suited for the broad audience in electrical engineering and computer science. We therefore encourage every student and researcher at SITE to attend this series of lectures, whether or not the lecture topic is strictly related to one's specific research area. We believe that this series of events will not only help to further SITE's research quality and productivity, they will also help to build stronger ties and interactions within SITE research community.

We look forward to seeing all of you there, and wish this series of events a great success.

Distinguished Lecture Organization Committee
November 2, 2005

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